Growth requires flexibility, efficiency and innovation.
Smart, inspiring solutions that lead to optimal developments
within a business chain. Important are cooperation, communication,
sustainability and efficiency.

Freshmove BV is a dynamic developer of business strategies
which work. Thoughtful integrated marketing and
communication are keys for sustainable business development.
Together with customers, we create a profitable business
based on competencies. We challenge companies to evolve
their strategy based on core values and adapt the new world
without letting loose the old one. We make companies more
flexible and we look for Blue Oceans.

Focus on what really counts, the people, brings your business
to the next step, far from the beaten paths.

Freshmove BV – a smart move.

Sevenumseweg 3
5759 RM Helenaveen
The Netherlands


+ 31 493 53 60 80
+ 31 65 10 10 484

- Supply chain management

- Product development

- Change management

- Business strategy

- Marketing

- Coaching

- Communication

- Interim management

- Business development

- Organisation development

- Mission and Vision development